July 1, 2009

July 2009 update

blue skies and daisies
As you may have noticed, we've stopped updating our website and blog. Brina and I have discussed and decided that after 6 years of running blue skies & daisies, it's time to say goodbye to our amazing little company and try our hands at something new.

Something new you ask?

Brina started a secondary company earlier this year, called Two Owls Collect. She offers fine stationery products, custom books and small business print and design and, since our decision, has expanded her collection to include wedding and event stationery.

You can find out what Brina's been up to at her website: www.twoowlscollect.ca and she would be happy to discuss your wedding stationery needs!

As for me, I'm still in a sea of unknown and exciting possibilities. Fear not, our very loyal friends of blue skies & daisies...you'll see me again soon. Promise.

For all our existing couples out there...we're still here for you! We'll work as hard as ever to get all your wedding stationery orders completed

Thank you to everyone for making our company so great!
albertine & brina

May 10, 2009

On this day, 32 years ago...

Bill and Helen Schenk blessed the world with a beautiful, curly haired, blue-eyed, sassy pants named Brina Louise Schenk.

She is my friend, she is my business partner and she is my family.

I wish her a fun-filled spring day with friends, drinks, lots of friznock and birthday hugs(or slaps, whatever).

Happy Birthday buddy!!!

love you!

April 27, 2009

and, boy, are my arms tired!

I'll be flying into the big city of Vancouver tomorrow for a week of blue skies and daisies working in the same room, as a team, which hasn't happened in a long long time. I tried to find a funny picture of the two of us at work...and all I could find was this picture pre Deanna and Jimmy's wedding where I was lovingly holding Teenie's hand. Ben doesn't seem to mind.

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Rod and I ended up playing outside (my mom would be happy to hear that) for many hours and wrapped up Sunday with the purchase of a 1971 tent trailer. We are so excited for summer. I'll keep you posted on the bs&d fun times.

brina albertine and ben at a wedding

April 23, 2009

blue skies and daisies @ Got Craft? on May 3rd

got craft - craft show in vancouverAlbertine and I will be at Royal Canadian Legion (2205 Commercial Drive, at E. 6th Ave.), in Vancouver, BC selling limited editions of fine stationery in the form of notebooks, notepads and journals. We carefully chose 3 of our beautiful Ready2Wear designs to showcase at Got Craft? along with a few other goodies.

We'd love to see you there and personally show you our 1st collection of fine paper products. This is a new idea for blue skies and daisies so we're going to put it out there and see what kind of response we get. Of course, there are also going to be many many other talented vendors who are busy, probably at this very moment, preparing their handmade goods for you, the people of the world.

blue skies and daisies fine stationery
Got Craft? is organized by the lovely Lotus Events people (Andrea and Rob) who are genuinely excited about all things crafty and handmade.

April 21, 2009

show and tell #25

blue skies and daisies wedding invitation

Eri and Philip chose custom colours for their Splendid Rockies Ready2Wear wedding invitations and, instead of including a photo, they decided on using the left panel for their Japanese guests. Genius! Eri and Philip chose this particular design because they are hosting their wedding at Glacier National Park in Montana. So lucky! Rod and I drove through Glacier National Park two summers ago and it was beyond beautiful.

April 17, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

I found this photo in an old 1973 book about trains "The Great Trains" of Grand Central Terminal in New York City. The photo was taken in the early 1900s when, at the time, this train station was considered one of the most majestic built in America. This photo is stunning with the intense sunbeams and clear and blurry travelers. I didn't realize a book about trains would be so interesting. Now I understand why they have all those train museums around the world. Kinda.

There is no photo credit but I see that as a challenge so I will try and find it.

grand central terminal new york early 1900s

April 14, 2009

show and tell #24

custom wedding invitation by blue skies and daisies
Alexandra and Cletus ordered these adorable custom invitations for their summer wedding in Nelson, British Columbia. Damask is a popular style these days and so we drew an original damask invitation for Alexandra and Cletus.

A 1-fold invitation bound with a decorative band and sealed with a monogram sticker.

April 13, 2009

Music to listen to

I was inspired to post April's Music to listen to this morning while listening to The Current. There are a few goodies to sprinkle around...

1. Coconut Records - Myspace Solo work by Jason Schwartzman. I was pleasantly surprised by what I've heard.

2. The Brothers Movement - Myspace Previously known as Mainline, now the self published band with a new name and mission...

3. Melpo Mene - Myspace Sweet sounds from Sweden.